Smelly Room?

Just spray a fragrance of your choice into the cloudy diffuser and your room will be smelling better in no time.

Travel Sized!

The cloudy diffuser was designed to perfectly fit your vehicles cupholder. We even use nano-automation technology, binding the molecules together to disperse your favorite fragrance throughout the air.

 This mini humidifier is small and light which is easy to carry. It's perfect for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, cars and even travelling. With the cloudy diffusers sound-free design you'll feel like your sleeping in paradise, it'll even smell like it too. With the USB power port, you can even charge it with your computer. There is so many color modes to choose from that you can easily find your favorite color for any situation. Just plug it into any USB port. The cloudy diffuser can purify the air inside your car or room and prevent static electricity and dust, reliving dry nose and throat. You can take it for business trips and travels as well.